Structured Finance
MYU ÇINAR GROUP's basic understanding in approaching financing projects is that creditworthy clients and projects can always attract financing and these financings may be more competitive than sovereign risk levels.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP's Structured Finance Department, works closely with professionals in other debt departments. MYU ÇINAR GROUP's Financial Analysis & Structuring group analyzes in depth the projects to be financed and determines what layers of financing may be provided bringing in the most efficient solution to a particular project and matching the project needs with financial markets realities.

Different lenders may have a variety of interest in different financing tranches of a project. It is MYU ÇINAR GROUP's task to bring-in different lenders based on the type and the size of the project, industry, cash flow, tenor, securities, collaterals, guarantees, equity levels and many others conditions (ECAs, Project Financiers, Senior or Subordinated Lenders, Convertible Lenders, Leasing Companies) to maximize the financial markets on behalf of its clients.

Asset Securitization
MYU ÇINAR GROUP works closely with export oriented clients to finance their export operations. Receivable financing or asset securitizations are amongst primary focus products of MYU ÇINAR GROUP. MYU ÇINAR GROUP has expertise in the area of asset-based products both as a credit market or a capital market product, and closely cooperates with investment banks and commercial banks in structuring asset based financing for corporations.

Working Capital
To complement its financial products MYU ÇINAR GROUP assists clients in securing short-term commercial loans for working capital purposes as a stand-alone product or as part of a large financing package.

Real Estate Development
MYU ÇINAR GROUP has developed expertise in real estate development financing for AAA type residential and commercial developments as well as hotels.

Turnaround Financing
MYU ÇINAR GROUP takes the lead of companies who are in illiquid situations and provides cash injections in debt or equity forms. Each project is analyzed based on its own merits and projects are undertaken if it fits the financial markets.

Energy Finance
The energy industry is the basic business domain of Project Finance Department where energy contracts with government owned energy distribution companies or contracts with credible third parties might be involved as their long-term off take contracts insures project cash flows. Limited recourse project finance is especially utilized where hard currency revenues can be captured or long-term off take contracts insure project cash flows.

Project Finance tools may be also integrated with other financial tools where the cash flow of the project is not fully utilized as a source of repayment and other debt instruments may be brought in to compliment the financing package.

Furthermore, medium size (10 MW – 100 MW) Cogeneration Projects, Autoproducers and Renewable Energy Producers fall under MYU ÇINAR GROUP's main focus for energy projects. These projects are structured in different ways depending on the availability of cash flows, collaterals, securities etc.

Capital Goods
MYU ÇINAR GROUP cooperates closely with worldwide ECA's in order to provide medium and long term financing for investment goods flow. It is amongst our expertise to help companies to finance their investment goods with medium term loans in the ECA market. MYU ÇINAR GROUP works with both purchasers of investment goods but also with suppliers of investment goods acting as a solution provider for these companies through financing provided. MYU ÇINAR GROUP is able to provide deals on a purely corporate risk basis.

A typical financing will include fixed asset investment financing along with a small working capital financing to give project sponsors some coverage for domestic costs and/or working capital needs to start the operations.

For debt transactions(or for structured transactions) MYU ÇINAR GROUP- depending on the circumstances - and origination of the transaction may represent the Multinationals (Suppliers, Contractors) or the Domestic company (the project sponsors or technology importers)

M & A Advisory
Buying and selling a privately owned company is a complex process requiring extensive experience, skills, knowledge and expertise in the areas of finance, accounting, tax, marketing, negotiation, transactional structuring and business operations. It also requires the ability to organize and coordinate the efforts of business owners, investors and their professionals in a timely and efficient manner.

Our unique approach to managing M&A transactions is a major contributor to our success. In order to provide the highest level of professional services to our clients, it is imperative that we have a clear understanding of their goals, objectives and expectations. Therefore, we stage our engagements to provide us and our clients with an understanding of key issues, available options and what to expect in a transaction before committing to an exclusive engagement and plan of action.

      Sell Side
The sale of minority or majority shares of a company by its shareholders is a significant decision and a course of action, which in itself carries its own dynamics.

Companies which are in a dominating or leading position in the sector they operate, companies which carry strong growth prospects and are reasonably profitable, companies which are efficiently and effectively managed and have a positive image are companies which most of the time attract the attention of strategic investors and constitute appropriate candidates for strategic sales or joint ventures.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP assumes all the responsibility during the strategic sales proceedings such as conducting the due diligence, the preparation of the confidential marketing materials and documentation, setting up of the financial model, determination of the strategic buyers/investors, structuring of the transaction and carrying out of the deliberations between related parties, and coordination of the related parties, with a meticulous approach and represents the interests of its client through out complete course of the proceedings.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP, while carrying out the deliberations with the predetermined candidates and the other proceedings with strong emphasis on confidentiality, places the same confidentiality emphasis on the relationship of the shareholders with the customers, employees and competitors of the company.

As a result, MYU ÇINAR GROUP targets to ensure that company activities are carried out with any loss of concentration while MYU ÇINAR GROUP guarantees that sales proceedings are pursued in a timely and professional manner. The services MYU ÇINAR GROUP provides will depend on the goals of the shareholders of each company and depending on these goals success can be defined as the maximization of share price or ensuring the maintenance of the company's existence in the future.

Sell side equity transactions usually entail 3 main phases.

Decision and Preparation: For the purpose of reaching the sales decision in an objective manner during the initial phase of the sales process, MYU ÇINAR GROUP works closely with its potential clients, analyzes in detail the advantages and disadvantages that may be associated with strategic sales or a joint venture and determines with the client, the reason for the strategic sale, the targets and the strategies thereof.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP professionals reflect all their expertise on the sales proceedings following the signing of the mandate letter between MYU ÇINAR GROUP and the client. MYU ÇINAR GROUP on one side carries out company pre-evaluations, sector and market analysis for the preparation of “Company Summary Information Note” and on the other side prepares a potential strategic investor/partner list. The potential strategic investor/partner list, which contains strategic buyers, foreign institutions and special investment groups is prepared following thorough due diligence efforts and support from foreign business partners by means of the wide international relationship network MYU ÇINAR GROUP has instituted. In the second stage of this phase, MYU ÇINAR GROUP, after obtaining the consent of its client, gets in touch with these determined strategic partners and investors and assesses their interest by means of sending them brief information on the company, without disclosing the identity of the client. MYU ÇINAR GROUP starts Due Diligence and Marketing process with those targets that show interest and supply them with a “Preliminary Information Memorandum”.

Due Diligence and Marketing: Upon completion of detailed financial analysis of the Company and upon the completion of the thorough due diligence process, MYU ÇINAR GROUP prepares the necessary marketing documents for the purpose of executing the predetermined marketing strategy and also prepares a “Fully Blown Information Memorandum” for the purpose of disclosing the area of business and operations of the company along with the strengths of the company. Within the same time frame, MYU ÇINAR GROUP, by employing various scientific methods conducts company valuation and submits the valuation report to the client.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP within this time frame remains in constant contact with the potential investors/partners and supplies the ones that demand more detailed in formation and sign a non-disclosure agreement with the fully blown information memorandum that has already been prepared. MYU ÇINAR GROUP maintains uninterrupted information flow, arranges the necessary presentations, meetings and company visits and coordinates all the steps of the proceedings until the receipt of letters of intent from the investors/partners.

Deliberations & Closing: A preliminary agreement is made and finalized following the determination of the potential strategic partner/investor. At this stage, the information flow and deliberations are resumed and management presentations and production facility visits are organized. MYU ÇINAR GROUP plays a critical role during the final deliberation process and especially during the operational, financial and legal due diligence conducted by the potential investor/partner.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP carries out all the necessary work and assumes the total responsibility for:

  • Continuation of the deliberations on share price, payment plan and shareholder structure
  • Receipt of the final offer and the coordination of the final deliberations
  • Formulation of the sales and other relevant agreements
  • Coordination of the communication with audit companies and law firms
  • Obtaining of the necessary permits

      Buy Side
MYU ÇINAR GROUP supports its clients and closely manages the entire acquisition process by acting as and assuming the role of BusinessDevelopment Department of its clients. This task includes the development of strategic objectives, formulation of the acquisition criteria, identification and introduction of primary targets, initiating contacts, conducting due diligence, preparing detailed information memorandum, performing valuation, coordinating all negotiations, structuring the deal, and if necessary, raising acquisition financing.

Our acquisition advisory services entail the following 4 steps:

Strategy Development:
MYU ÇINAR GROUP works closely with its clients for the determination of enterprise-wide business strategy and acquisition goals consistent with the client's overall strategy. Based on the client's specific motives and strategic objectives to expand the business through an acquisition, the acquisition criteria and target parameters are developed and formulated.

Target Identification & Screening:
MYU ÇINAR GROUP conducts independent market research on the specific sector or industry in order to identify the sector dynamics and the players in the sector. Then, MYU ÇINAR GROUP identifies potential acquisition targets and prepares a broad target list together with brief description of each target based on the specific target parameters to achieve pre-determined acquisition strategyof its clients. Each potential target is filtered and evaluated by MYU ÇINAR GROUP in order to identify the right candidates for an acquisition. After discussing and reviewing the target list with the client, the broad target list is narrowed down by profiling and screening. Once targets are identified, an anonymous approach by MYU ÇINAR GROUP is made to each of them and preliminary “ Greenlight Memorandum ” for each potential target is prepared, which includes company overview, ownership structure, products & services, physical layout, target markets & sectors, client profile, summary financials, preliminary valuation etc. Based on preliminary company reports and preliminary company valuations, the decision is made by the client and the ultimate targets are identified.

Due Diligence & Negotiations:
On behalf of its clients, MYU ÇINAR GROUP approaches the ultimate targets to conduct due diligence. The ultimate acquisition candidate needs to be prepared and analyzed thoroughly in international standards including conducting of IAS audits and restructuring the company. MYU ÇINAR GROUP prepares detailed company information memorandum including audited financial statements, business projections and financial modeling. The financial projections are refined and the valuation is made by MYU ÇINAR GROUP to determine the acquisition target pricing. The valuation is done by reviewing the public market valuations of companies in the specific industry; evaluating recent comparable acquisitions and the resulting multiples paid for companies operating in the target's industry; and, when available, performing a discounted cash flow analysis of the target's projected cash flows.

All the negotiations, bid preparation and management meetings throughout the acquisition are carefully coordinated and conducted by MYU ÇINAR GROUP. Finally, MYU ÇINAR GROUP structures the deal by analyzing the financing requirements, financing options and executing the letter of intent.

Transaction & Closing:
Once final negotiations are conducted and the deal is structured, MYU ÇINAR GROUP executes final business and financial due diligence, and coordinates accounting and legal due diligence through the final stage of the acquisition. During the closing stage, MYU ÇINAR GROUP review all necessary closing documentation and coordinates third party relationships in order to carry on the transaction to a successful closure. MYU ÇINAR GROUP M&A team has an extensive experience in negotiating letters of intent and definitive purchase agreements.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP currently serves over 250 respectable corporate clients and constantly maintains its contacts with top 2,000 regional companies. MYU ÇINAR GROUP's extensive client database provides quick access to potential portfolio targets as well as other deal flow within different industries. Due to its lending abilities, MYU ÇINAR GROUP has very strong deal flow by reviewing over 200 company financial statements per year in many different industries in order to identify target companies.

Private Placements
A sound equity base is the prerequisite for a company to achieve its expansion targets or to just adapt itself to the constantly changing business conditions. While internal financing resources can be used to a certain extent, companies also require external financing. MYU ÇINAR GROUP has developed a specialized expertise in the process of selling companies to private investors, financial buyers and private equity companies.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP has an extensive network of financial institutions and private investors, which seek investments in middle-market companies. All important national and international financial investors as well as many private investors with their current acquisition criteria are well known by MYU ÇINAR GROUP and MYU ÇINAR GROUP is also well known by these potential investors.

Fairness Opinion
MYU ÇINAR GROUP provides business valuation studies for companies and investments in situations where an expert opinion is required and also prepares studies for an appropriate valuation of companies of the relevant stock exchange tier for the clients. MYU ÇINAR GROUP also assists clients in determining the enterprise value of their company, which can be used for strategic planning purposes, estate issues, minority shareholder matters, and issuance of stock options. MYU ÇINAR GROUP's valuation practice is ranked among the most respected ones in Turkey based on numerous complex valuation assignments completed, including privatization assignments.

During such valuation processes MYU ÇINAR GROUP uses well-known scientific valuation methods and applies them to practice by using its expertise. By combining sophisticated analytical techniques with its M&A and corporate finance experience, MYU ÇINAR GROUP provides a unique perspective to its valuations of businesses and securities. MYU ÇINAR GROUP conducts a thorough analysis of comparable public companies, analysis of comparable mergers and acquisitions transaction values and discounted cash flow valuations.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP documents its valuations in comprehensive reports and adheres to the highest professional standards and provides full support for its valuation. Together with its domestic and international partners specialized in legal and tax topics audit issues as well as real estate and asset valuation, MYU ÇINAR GROUP provides expert opinion on fairness and valuation issues.
MYU ÇINAR GROUP analyzes the valuation and structure of the transaction, the form and timing of consideration, and the financial, legal, accounting, and tax implications

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