MYU ÇINAR GROUP's objective is to introduce new, value added and sophisticated financial products to Balkan, Central Asian and Turkish companies to give them all available tools to further grow their businesses. In this respect, MYU ÇINAR GROUP is motivated and driven by the difficulties and challenges presented by creating financing in an emerging market country.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP's efforts are driven exclusively by its clients' needs, including exploring all appropriate sources and combinations of debt and equity raising. Working with a dedicated client base in Balkans and Central Asian Region and a wide network throughout the world, MYU ÇINAR GROUP undertakes financial advisory assignments that are designed to meet clients' specific requirements.

MYU ÇINAR GROUP is able to act as both a source of opportunities and a problem solver for multi-national companies, which are looking into the Balkans and Central Asian Region for the purpose of implementing their projects, for financing their projects without a recourse, for investments & acquisitions, and for selling projects and capital goods.

For companies in the Balkans, Turkey & Central Asia, MYU ÇINAR GROUP is both an architect of value and source of capital. On the debt side, MYU ÇINAR GROUP works with several multinational companies (ECA contractors, Project Developers, Technology Suppliers) to bring debt solutions to their clients in the above-mentioned regions during the implementation process.

On the equity side, MYU ÇINAR GROUP serves to a prominent European Client Base to assist in tier company acquisition process (target identification, deal structuring, negotiating, closing) in the region. MYU ÇINAR GROUP is able to act as both a source of opportunities and a problem solver.

Deal Flow

Through its aggressive business development team and due to its lending abilities through exclusively partnering banks all around the world, MYU ÇINAR GROUP has a heavy deal flow, and is able to follow all quality deals and projects in the market. MYU ÇINAR GROUP has a wide coverage of the market granting it access to most important transactions in the Balkans, Central Asian and Turkish market. Working with a large client base and as a result of the large number of transactions, MYU ÇINAR GROUP is able to create a matrix of transactions yielding a very dynamic solution base as a result of heavy exposure to variety of clients, industry, and financial products.


MYU ÇINAR GROUP is able to consistently meet its clients' objectives with the talent and expertise of its team members. Each of its team members has 5-15 years of experience in different segments of international financial markets, marketing, engineering, consulting, and auditing. Through this variety of backgrounds, MYU ÇINAR GROUP's professionals bring a diverse, yet complementary set of skills to provide corporate finance solutions. All members of the team have exposure to financial markets in different areas. These attributes coupled with MYU ÇINAR GROUP's focused, ethical and disciplined marketing approach, have created for MYU ÇINAR GROUP and its clients a high level of credibility against (/or) to investors.


MYU ÇINAR GROUP has close ties and established relationships with a network of financial institutions and is in constant cooperation with banks and financial institutions in credit markets; investment banks and specialized financial institutions in capital markets, private equity houses, government agencies; and large corporations from OECD members, for potential equity transactions.


Mission Statement

MYU ÇINAR GROUP's mission is to introduce new, value added and innovative financial solutions to companies in the Balkans, Central Asian and Turkish companies, assisting them to maximize the use of different financial markets, through a professional, ethical and disciplined approach to business.

Our vision is to create the “Leading Corporate Finance House of the Region” and achieving the highest standards and results.MYU ÇINAR GROUP is dedicated doing best of the industry.

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